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Timeline History of WCW- 1987 Tully Blanchard

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The white-hot Four Horsemen were storming through Jim Crockett Promotions as 1987 began. Fans came out by the tens of thousands to see them hopefully get their comeuppance. They were hated, and loved for being hated. But no one knew that an implosion to that original Horsemen line-up was coming. Heck, who thought Ole would ever be cheered?!

But as good as business was, subtle shifts began to signal potential trouble. Crockett moves his entire operation to Dallas upon expanding there, incurring sizable expenses. Ron Garvin would win the Heavyweight title as houses began to suffer. What was to come?

Join arguably the most hated member of wrestling's most notorious faction ever, as Tully Blanchard sits down with you to draw back the curtain on everything happening in 1987.

– Ole's split
– Tagging with Arn
– The U.S. Title
– The Dallas Expansion
– Bunkhouse Stampedes
– Dusty the booker
– Lex Luger, Horseman

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