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Timeline History of WWE- 1985 Greg Valentine

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The fuse has been ignited on the explosive popularity of the WWE in 1985.  The world was about to get its first Wrestlemania.  The roster was loaded with the country's hottest talent and the 'Fed was all over cable TV, and the networks as well. 

Royalty checks begin pouring in for WWE stars as their images hit lunchboxes and dolls all over the world.  The business has moved beyond wrestling as music and pop culture embrace it in this magical time.

-Saturday Night's Main Event
-CBS Cartoon
-Mr. T
-The I-C Strap
-The Dream Team
-Andy Worhol
-Rick McGraw's death
-Rita Marie
-Snakes and Bulldogs
-The 20/20 expose'
-The Wrestling Album
-Cyndi Lauper
-Albano's face turn
-Plus more
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