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Tribute to The Sandman

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SANDMAN This is the long awaited 4 hour tribute to theHardcore Icon of Extreme Championship Wrestling. This has his best matches ever in ECW with Cactus Jack, Tommy Dreamer,Raven, Sabu, RVD, Mikey,Steve Austin,Taz,And many more. Tables,chairs,canes,barbed wire,ladders,& more..Sandman was one of the innovators of the Hardcore style. Anyone who like to watch the Sandman will love this tape. So grab your beer can a raise it up to the TV as we salute the Hardcore Legend the SANDMAN!!!!!!!!!

Video on the Sandman

Sandman vs Shane Douglas

Sandman vs Cactus Jack ( Cane vs fist of Barbed wire match)

Sandman vs Axl Rotten (barbed wire bat)

Sandman vs Steve Austin vs Mikey Whipwreck

Sandman vs Konnan

Sandman + Missy Hyatt video

Sandman vs Raven vs Pitbull #2

Sandman vs Taz

Sandman vs 2 Cold Scorpio

Sandman vs Raven

Sandman + Pitbull 2 vs Raven +
Shane Douglas (Dbl Dog Collar match)

Sandman vs Raven (Dog Collar match)

Sandman vs Balls Mahoney

Sandman vs Sabu (Tables and Ladder match)

Sandman vs Sabu (Stairway to Hell match)

Sandman vs Sabu from Japan

Sandman + Dreamer vs Sabu + RVD

Sandman vs RVD

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