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Texas Wrestling Academy TV Episodes 1-24

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The Texas Wrestling Academy (formerly known as The Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy) is a professional wrestling training school that was operated by Shawn Michaels. The school has produced many well-known wrestlers such as Daniel Bryan, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, Lance Cade, Shawn Hernandez, Matt Bentley and Milano Collection A.T. Watch the first 24 episodes on this new six dvd disc collection!

1. American Dragon vs Rudy Boy Gonzales
2. Venom interview (brings out Wolfie D)
3. Ultimate Bad Guy vs Wolfie D (Venom turns on Wolfie D)
4. Ultimate Bad Guys vs Love Machine & Natural Born Thriller
5. Lance Cade vs Monbassa
6. Venom vs Wolfie D
7. Spanky vs American Dragon
8. HBK interviews Lance Kade (Shooter Schultz attacks Lance)
9. Ultimate Bad Guys vs Buffet Brothers
10. Board of Education vs Love Machine & Natural Born Thriller
11. HBK interviews Venom (Venom challenges Shawn to a match)
12. Monbassa vs Lance Kade

1. Shooter Schultz vs Love Machine (Venom comes in)
2. HBK interviews The Buffet Brothers (Board of Education attack)
3. Spanky vs Rudy Boy Gonzales (American Dragon interferes)
4. Lance Kade vs Natural Born Thriller
5. Ultimate Bad Guys vs Buffet Brothers vs Board of Education
6. Tiger Steele vs Venom
7. Board of Education vs Buffet Brothers
8. Interview with Francis A. Gibbons
9. Shooter Shultz vs Spanky (Rudy Boy Gonzales interferes)
10. Ace Cage vs Francis Gibbons
11. Shawn Michaels promo
12. Natural Born Thriller vs Love Machine

1. Recap Show of the first 8 weeks of TWA TV
2. Shawn and all the TWA wrestlers come to the ring to pay tribute to Rod Greenwald
3. Shooter Schultz vs American Dragon
4. Shawn calls out Venom and they brawl
5. Tiger Steele vs Lance Kade
6. Board of Education vs Buffet Brothers
7. HBK interviews Rudy Boy Gonzales & Bonecrusher
8. American Dragon vs Spanky
9. HBK interviews Francis Gibbons
10. Venom vs Monbassa

1. Ultimate Bad Guys vs Board of Education
2. Venom promo, calls out Natural Born Thriller
3. Rudy Boy Gonzales & Bonecrusher vs Spanky & American Dragon
4. Love Machine vs Shooter Schultz
5. Shawn Michaels interviews Board of Education
6. Francis Gibbons vs Lance Kade
7. Ultimate Bad Guy vs American Dragon
8. Shawn Michaels interviews Shooter Schultz
9. Rudy Boy Gonzales vs Spanky
10. Bonecrusher vs Shooter Schultz (Venom attacks Schultz after match)
11. Shawn Michaels interviews Lane Cade (Venom comes out)
12. Board of Education impromptu battle with American Dragon & Spanky

1. Board of Education vs Love Machine & Ultimate Bad Guy
2. Venom promo in the ring
3. Tiger Steele vs Venom (Venom leaves the ring and Lance Kade comes out to take the match)
4. Tiger Steele vs Lance Kade (Venom comes back out and attacks both men)
5. Love Machine & Ultimate Bad Guy vs Spanky & American Dragon
6. Shawn Michaels interviews Tiger Steele
7. Rudy Boy Gonzales vs Shooter Schultz
8. Shawn Michaels calls out Shooter Schultz, American Dragon, & Spanky to sign their developmental contract for the WWF (Venom comes out and challenges Shawn for control of the company)
9. Shawn Michaels interviews Shooter Schultz (Rudy Boy & Bonecrusher attack Schultz)
10. Tiger Steele vs Venom (Shawn comes out and gets involved)
11. Venom calls out Schultz, Dragon, & Spanky (wild brawl)
12. Tiger Steele vs Spanky
13. Rudy Boy Gonzales vs Shooter Schultz

1. Natural Born Thriller vs Desperado
2. Recap of Spanky vs American Dragon vs Shooter Schultz ladder match at house show
3. Spanky & American Dragon promo
4. Venom vs More than a handful
5. Rudy Boy & Bonecrusher vs More than a handful
6. Venom interviews Lance Kade then attacks him
7. Natural Born Thriller vs Big Bad John vs Lance Kade
8. Chaz Taylor vs Russle Mussle (Taped Fist First Blood Match)
9. Venom cuts a promo on Shawn Michaels
10. Jeremy Sage vs Shooter Schultz
11. Clips of Thriller vs Love Machine
12. Clips of Shooter Schultz vs Lance Kade
13. Clips of American Dragon & Spanky vs Board of Education
14. Wild Cage Match with everybody
15. Justin Credible promo

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