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USA Pro 11th Anniversary Show 11/19/04

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1. The Outkast Killaz vs. Envy & Burn
2. Reefer w/ Tony Lo vs. Azreal
3. Mike Kruel vs. Jay Lethal
4. New Dynamite Kid vs. Candy vs. Little Greatness vs. Mercenary (4-Way Hardcore Match)
5. EC Negro w/ KC Blade vs. Southern Vinny Stylin w/ Fred the Elephant Boy and Skinhead Ivan
6. Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Johnny Candido
7. The SAT (Joel and Jose Maximo) vs. Simon Diamond and Matt Striker w/ Becky Bayless
8. Malta w/ Mr. Big vs. Rob Vegas w/ Johnny Diamond
9. Masked Maniac vs. The Psycho Lizzard Sloang #5
10. April Hunter vs. Poppalishus w/ The AYM (Bra and Panties Match for USA Pro Wrestling Womens Championship)
11. Jimmy Hustler and Johnny Bravado w/ Johnny Diamond vs. The Stallions (Latin and White) w/ Mr. Big
12. Axl Rotten vs. “Low Life” Louie Ramos
The Same Sex Wedding of Mace Mendoza and Buffe, The Christopher Street Connection
13. Slyck Wagner Brown w/ April Hunter vs. Deranged (USA Pro Wrestling X-Treme Championship)
14. Broohah vs. Super Demon vs. Travis Blackchurch
15. The Solution w/ John Shane vs. The Christopher Street Connection (USA Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship)
16. Trent Acid vs. Chris Candido w/ Sunny (USA Pro Wrestling United States Championship)
17. The Sandman vs. Chris Candido
18. Balls Mahoney vs. Al Snow (USA Pro Wrestling Heavweight Championship).
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