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UXW Elements of Extreme 4/15/05

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1. EC Negro w/Deranged vs Poppalicious w/Matt Da Angry Young Man
2. Matt Striker vs Vordell Walker
3. Heavy Metal vs Danny Demanto, The New Dynamite Kid, Blade Michaels, Lil Greatness,
4. Travis Blackchurch, Mercenary, Jonny, Slugger & Envy
5. Balls Mahoney vs. Mike Kruel
6.Mana The Polyensian Warrior vs Skinhead Ivan w/The Gestapo Hate Mongrers
7. Sonny Siaki vs Jay Lethal, Azraiel, Deranged, Dan Barry & Reefer in a 6 Man Match
8. Oman Tortuga vs Havok of the Solution w/John Shane
9 Chris Candido vs Homicide
10 The Stallions (Masked Lunatic/Latin Stallion) vs Team TNT, Team Hustler
11 Trent Acid vs Xavier
12 The Masked Maniac vs Lizard Scholong #7
13 Axl Rotten vs Low Life Louie Ramos which was another total blood bath with barbed wire a whole lot of other crazy weapons!!
14 Mike Tobin/Billy Reil vs The Christopher Street Connection
15 Elix Skipper vs Low Ki
16 Justin Credible vs The Sandman Singapore Cane match hanging from a pole with ladders
17 D-Lo Brown vs. Billy Gunn
18. Balls Mahoney vs Mike Kruel
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