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When Wrestling Was on the Marquee Vol. 1 - Classic Confrontations

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When Wrestling Was on the Marquee - Volume 1 
Classic Confrontations of the Southwest

  1. Nick Bockwinkel vs. Manny Fernandez
  2. Dory Funk Jr. vs. Dick Slater
  3. Adrian Adonis vs. Scott Casey
  4. Bobby Jaggers vs. Bob Sweetan
  5. Tully Blanchard vs. Dory Funk Jr.
  6. Nick Bockwinkel vs. Mike Graham
  7. Chavo Guerrero vs. Manny Fernandez
  8. Wahoo McDaniel vs. Bob Sweetan
  9. Tully Blanchard vs. Scott Casey
  10. Bob Sweetan vs. Jerry Lawler
  11. Cage Match: Dick Slater vs. Mongolian Stomper - Special Referee: Bob Sweetan
  12. Tully Blanchard vs. Eric Embry
  13. Killer Brooks vs. Manny Fernandez - Brawl the Whole Episode
  14. Scott Casey vs. Larry Zbyszko - Highlights
  15. Armando Guerrero vs. Bobby Jaggers
  16. Nick Bockwinkel vs. Jerry Lawler - Highlights
  17. Tully Blanchard vs. Ricky Morton
  18. Buzz Sawyer vs. Tommy Rich - Highlights
  19. Scott Casey vs. Gino Hernandez - Highlights
  20. Adrian Adonis vs. Bob Orton Jr.

Aproxx. Running Time 3 hrs 30 mins

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