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When Wrestling Was on the Marquee Vol. 6 - Tag Team Wrestling

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When Wrestling Was on the Marquee - Volume 6
Tag Team Wrestling

Some would consider tag team wrestling a lost art. Well here is your chance to study this art form from some of its masters.

  1. Fabulous Kangaroos vs. Sam Shell & John Ruffin
  2. Wahoo McDaniel & Scott Casey vs. The Mongol & Dale Valentine
  3. Dominic DeNucci & Paul Christy vs. The Bounty Hunters
  4. Terry & Dory Funk Jr. vs. Scott Casey & Relampico Leon
  5. Wahoo McDaniel & Ivan Putski vs. Eddie Mansfield & Tank Patton
  6. Luis Martinez, Nelson Royal & Capt. Ed George vs. Don Kent, Magnificent Zulu & Johnny Davis
  7. Hell Angels vs. Arnold Skaaland & Jim Dillion
  8. Fabulous Blondes vs. Bobby Fulton & Tony Falk
  9. Fabulous Blondes vs. Chicky Starr & Tony Falk
  10. Dick The Bruiser, The Crusher & Sailor Art Thomas vs. Ray Stevens, Baron Von Raschke & Blackjack Mulligan (2 out of 3 Falls, Only 1 Fall shown)
  11. The Sheik & Dory Funk Jr. vs. Stan Stasiak & Don Kent
  12. The Grapplers vs. Ricky Morton & Ken Lucas
  13. The Grapplers vs. Armando Guerrero & Rick McGraw
  14. Dory Funk Jr. & Manny Fernandez vs. Moon Mulligan & Tank Patton
  15. Dick The Bruiser & Andre the Giant vs. Ox Baker & Killer Karl Krupp
  16. Al Perez & Manny Fernandez vs. Fabulous Blondes
  17. Dory Funk Jr. & Pierre LaFive vs. Don Kent & Kurt Von Hess
  18. Dick The Bruiser & Bruno Sammartino vs. Baron Von Raschke & Ernie Ladd

Aprox. Running Time: 3 hours 10 mins

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