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WING- Take Off 6/12/96

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This is the show where the WING alliance tries to prove to the world that they are the toughest company and fight FMW, Japanese indy circuit and each other all in one night to prove they are the strongest and craziest!
1. Wing Kanemura vs Hido (WING vs WING Street Fight Death Match)
2. Kamakaze & Ricky Fuji vs Goshagawara & Hayato (Bonus FMW match)
3. Wing Kanemura vs Toryu (Blood Bath No Rules Match)
4. Hidekihisaka vs Mr Pogo (Street Fight)
5. Wing Kanemura & Hido & Hosaka vs Masato Tanaka & Koji Nakagawa & Kuroda (Street Fight Tornado Death Match)

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