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WSU Best of Becky Bayless

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WSU Presents The Best of Becky!

1. Becky Bayless vs Alicia 3/3/07
2. WSU Championship Match NO DQ Becky Bayless vs Alicia 9/22/07
3. WSU Championship Match Last Woman Standing Becky Bayless vs Alicia 12/22/07
4. Segment: Becky Bayless Retires, But Tries To Become WSU Champion 12/22/07
5. J-Cup Tournament Match Becky Bayless vs Dawn Marie w/Sunny 3/22/08
6. J-Cup Tournament Match Becky Bayless vs Mercedes Martinez 3/22/08
7. Becky Bayless w/Angelina Love vs Dawn Marie w/Missy Hyatt 6/21/08 
8. Becky Bayless & Angelina Love vs Dawn Marie & Portia Perez 6/21/08
9. Becky Bayless  & Alicia vs Brittney Savage & Rick Cataldo 10/3/09
10. WSU Spirit Title Match Becky Bayless vs (c) Brittney Savage 6/26/10

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