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WXW Best of Gene Snitsky

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WXW Presents: The Best of Gene Snisky! Gene Snisky is quickly making a name for himself in WWE and is ripping through their entire roster. This Wild Samoan Training Center Student has worked primarily for WXW since the beginning of his career and we have the exclusive rights to his matches!! We have decided to release some of these matches on a best of tape featuring:
1. Da Hit Squad (Monsta Mack and Mafia) vs Twin Tackles (Gene Snisky and Rob Harper)
2. Gene Snisky vs LA Smooth
3. Wenzel vs Gene Snisky
4. TLC match Sugaa vs Gene Snisky
5. Sinn vs Gene Snisky
6. WXW Heavyweight Title Match: Last Man Standing: Mean Gene Snisky vs Xtreme Billy Dream
7. Gene Snisky vs Mana The Polynesian Warrior
8. WXW Heavyweight Title Match: Mean Gene Snisky vs The Great Samu
9. Gene Snisky vs Rosey The Super Hero In Training

Plus the exclusive video sent to the talent relations office of Gene Snisky that helped Gene get his WWE contract.
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