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WXW Night of Heros 10/4/03

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This was without a doubt the best all around show in Essen in 2003! Chris Hero returned to Germany to defend the World Title in the european Match of the Year. Simple as that: a 30 minute Must-See Match! Birchall proved for the first time that he can hang on the mat and took it to the mat with the Double C but once again he used his unreal athlethicism to get the advantage. He really did a Standing Single Spanish Fly! X-Dream proved once again that he could step into Jody Fleischs shoes when he had an excellent fast-paced match against Jonny Storm. The 3 way for the Hardcore Title featured some awe-inspiring spots including a sick bump through a table of Douglass valet Shadow. As a Bonus you will see only match X-Dream and Jody Fleisch ever had! Both wrestled in a fast paced match in the fall of 2002 for the wXw Cruiserweight Title.

1. Adam Polak vs. Destructo
2. Thomas Blade vs. Louis van Eden
3. Darksoul & Tyrant vs. Long and Thick
4. wXw Hardcore Title: Thumbtack Jack vs. Alex Pain vs. Steve Douglas
5. X-Dream vs. Jonny Storm
6. Birchall vs. Double C
7. wXw World Heavyweight Title: Chris Hero vs. Ares
8. Bonus Match from wXw Final 2002 - wXw Cruiserweight Title: X-Dream vs. Jody Fleisch
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