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YouShoot with Tony Atlas

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"Mr. USA" Tony Atlas has wrestled all over the world and for every major federation...but that's not what makes him an incredible YouShoot guest.  Rather, Tony is 100% open and honest about his feelings on...well...everything!

We told you to ask him anything and you sure did.  By the end of the more than two hours of questions, we're sure Tony will never quite be the same!  But neither will we as Tony shoots on facewalking, fetishes, racial tensions, rats, steriods, CM Punk, and so much more. 

Hilarious...uncensored...out of control...YOUSHOOT!

Topics include:
-Bruiser Brody
-Where the white guys at?
-Disrespectful CM Punk
-The Laugh
-Using Steriods
-Being 1/3 Irish
-Murdoch and the KKK
-The Ho Bag
-How to make a white baby
-Plus so much more!

Approximately 2 hours 15 minutes
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